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about us

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Increvo UK has been working with partners in the UK to deliver high quality web solutions since 2011. Our target audience is formed mainly of small and medium businesses, for whom we want to make “doing business online” work.

We have done a lot of work trying to make being present online affordable for businesses of various sizes. We believe we have succeeded not by lowering the quality of our services, but by offering our customers the services they need and can afford, in the same time making it easy to grow their online presence as their business grows.



Increvo was founded as a company wishing to offer innovative IT&C solutions based on modern technologies that would make our products affordable for small and medium businesses. We try to creatively combine technologies available today, and the ones that will come, so that we can offer the best experience to our customers. We believe the progress of communications and the raise in popularity of the Internet has the ultimate goal of bringing people closer and enabling them to communicate, exchange information and not lastly grow their businesses. It is therefore our goal to do our best and continue this evolution towards a more connected and informed world.